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High-pressure pumps ranging from 7 to 700 bar

We are Pijttersen B.V., your go-to distributor for high-pressure pumps ranging from 7 to 700 bar, accessories and maintenance kits. We are very passionate about our business and we have many years of experience in high-pressure technology. When you come to us with your technical questions, we'll provide the right solution. Not only do we provide those solutions with great pleasure, but above all we provide them in a timely manner!

Due to our large stock of high quality products, we are able to rapidly supply you with every solution straight from our warehouse. Because we know better than anyone that you have one primary objective, which is to keep your pump installation running.

From now on, let's work together to make that happen!

International Cat Pumps dealer

Pijttersen has been a supplier of Cat Pumps International since 1978. We supply Cat high-pressure pumps and accompanying overhaul kits, components and accessories everywhere. You can rely on us for a complete range of Cat Pumps high-pressure pump systems, pump sets and triplex plunger and piston pumps of various capacities (flow rates) ranging from 7 up to 700 bar. Due to the relatively low revs of these unique pumps, they require little maintenance, which means low exploitation costs and high operational reliability. The over-dimensioned pumps are robust and less subjective to wear and tear, giving them a surprisingly long service life. 

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Technical distributor

With the help of our large warehouse in Zuidbroek, we have over 5,000 items in stock. In this way we guarantee the quality of the products and we can deliver them quickly. We know better than anyone that your goal is to keep your high-pressure pump installation running and to create operational reliability.

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Workshop for pump technology

In our own workshop, we carry out complete overhauls of Cat Pumps, and we develop customised solutions. Using our years of knowledge and experience, we come up with the best solution for every question.

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High-pressure pumps and accessories for every challenge

Over the years, we have built up a large customer base and have been able to supply high-pressure pumps and other solutions to various industries.

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Pijttersen Special: 3531 Pump unit

This V-belt driven plunger pump contains a stainless steel pump head, an 11 kW electric motor, a pressure regulator, a pulsation damper and a pressure gauge. On request, the seals are realized from FPM/Viton. This results in the pump being able to process liquids from 71C° to 83C°, in contrast to a standard pump. This pump is currently in operation and running at full speed.

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Pijttersen Special: 3545HSD

This Cat Pumps plunger pump 3545HSD is specially designed for extreme temperatures up to 105 degrees. In addition, this pump is equipped with FPM/Viton seals, valves and oil seals allowing the customer to apply hot water in his process with the reliability and warranty of Cat Pumps!

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