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Workshop for pump technology

In our own workshop, we carry out complete overhauls of Cat Pumps, inspect the performance of pumps and replace components where required. Additionally, we develop one-of-a-kind pumps for specific requirements from our customers, as well as carry out repairs. This is all carried out by our skillful and experienced technicians who possess all the 'know-hows' and all required materials and tools. After an overhaul or repair, every pump is as good as new when it leaves our workshop again!

  • Hans Rozema
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Overhaul of pumps

In our own pump technology workshop, we carry out complete overhauls of Cat Pumps high-pressure pumps. In this process, we frequently use interchangeable pumps. This means that we always have the agreed number of pumps ready for you in our warehouse. When a pump has reached a certain amount of operating hours, we will send you a number of new/revised pumps on request, and we will revise the old/defective pumps. The revised pumps are then stored by us, where they are ready for the next overhaul. We can also overhaul modified pumps.

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Specials: customized pump systems

Our specials are customised solutions for an optimally functioning pump system. With our extensive and deep knowledge of pump technology, we are able to build customised solutions regardless of the application, or substance that will be pumped. This ensures that you have the right design and that the right type of pump is selected for your application (modified or otherwise), and that it is equipped with the optimal drive, engine technology and applicable components.

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