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Overhaul of pumps

In our own pump technology workshop we carry out complete overhauls of CAT Pumps: inspection of the operation and where required or necessary replacement of parts. For this, our skilled and experienced technicians have the required know-how and all the necessary materials and tools. Every pump is like new after overhaul in our workshop.

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Interchangeable pumps

We often work with interchangeable pumps for our clients. This means that we always have the agreed number of pumps ready for you in our warehouse. After a predetermined number of operating hours, each pump is ready for overhaul. This should of course be at the expense of your daily business processes as little as possible.

How do you use interchangeable pumps?

On request, we will send you the desired number of new or remanufactured pumps, so that your technical service or service team can quickly replace the pumps. You then send the dismantled pumps to us, so that we can overhaul them and prepare them for the next round of overhaul. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Overhaul of modified pumps

Do you use pumps modified by us? We can also overhaul those for you. In many cases we modify pumps with parts made of different materials that are not available ex works. We make these parts ourselves. We always ensure that we store the data of all these parts exactly, so that replacement is always possible for the overhaul of your pump.