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Supplier of CAT Pumps, pump systems and parts

Pijttersen is an international supplier of CAT Pumps. We supply this renowned brand of high-pressure pumps and the associated parts to customers all over the world. You can contact us for a complete range of CAT Pumps plunger pumps and piston pumps, ranging from 7 to 700 bar. Thanks to the relatively low speed of these unique pumps, little maintenance is required, which keeps operating costs low and operational reliability high. The oversized pumps are robust and wear less quickly, for a surprisingly long life.

CAT Pumps high pressure pumps

CAT Pumps supplies high-quality industrial triplex piston and plunger pumps. We also use CAT Pumps high-pressure pumps in custom-designed pump systems. Maintenance costs and intervals are low due to the long service life of seals and valves.

Overcapacity for many trouble-free operating hours

CAT Pumps high pressure pumps are running in thousands of applications around the world. The quality is in excess capacity, which means that the load is lower and the pumps run smoothly for a long time. We therefore recommend that you always opt for a pump with more than sufficient flow and pressure.

Selecting the Right CAT Pump

Selecting the right pump requires care. Our tip: Examine the pump's service life and the length of the maintenance intervals beforehand. It is important to operate your pump within its rated performance:

  • yield
  • pressure
  • inlet conditions
  • temperature
  • lifespan
  • liquid compatibility