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Timely maintenance is vital

In practice, the excellent quality of Cat Pumps products means years of worry-free reliability. Nevertheless, timely maintenance is also very important for quality pumps in order to make the service life as long as possible.

Of course you want to prevent a pump from stopping unexpectedly, losing its capacity or unnoticed using more energy because it starts to run heavily due to internal pollution. If the pump is dirty, the driving motor is subjected to a heavier load than necessary.

Unfortunately, the maintenance came too late for this pump, the gear is so damaged by the internal pollution that we had to replace it. The pump may have run smoothly for 14 years, but this could have been longer if it had been serviced on time. We would like to see our pumps function to your full satisfaction for as long as possible.

Fortunately, the majority of the pumps supplied by us regularly come to us for maintenance or complete overhaul. It is customary to use an exchange pump, after which the pump to be maintained is sent to us, it is then completely checked and then put back on the shelf as an exchange pump. As a result, a continuous process is interrupted as short as possible and operational reliability is guaranteed.

We are happy to help you select the right pump, based on the medium to be pumped, the capacity and the maintenance options. We are also happy to help you determine the maintenance interval, a maintenance plan can also be drawn up for this.

Please also contact us if your pump has been running for some time, perhaps the life of your pump can be extended considerably with a timely overhaul. Prevent (unexpected) high costs, maintenance is vital for your pump and your process!