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Pijttersen Special 3545HSD

Last week we received a very special copy at Pijttersen, namely the Cat Pumps plunger pump 3545HSD07102 and we would like to tell you more about it!

Maximum temperature of 105 degrees Celsius

One of the most notable features of the Cat Pumps 3545HSD07102 is its ability to handle extreme temperatures. Where many pumps would fail or become damaged at temperatures above the boiling point of water, this Cat Pumps plunger pump really comes into its own. With an impressive maximum of 105 degrees Celsius, the 3545HSD07102 opens new doors for applications where heat plays a crucial role.

FPM/Viton Seals and Robust Valves

The power of this Cat Pumps plunger pump goes beyond just its temperature resistance. The pump is equipped with FPM/Viton seals and valves that are resistant to aggressive liquids.

Application options

The Cat Pumps 3545HSD07102 offers many possibilities because it is resistant to high temperatures and more aggressive fluids. The possible applications of this pump vary from car washes to industrial cleaning.

Would you like to know more about this Pijttersen Special? Please feel free to contact us.