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Our specials: tailor-made solutions for an optimally functioning pump system

You can contact us for pump systems: complete sets of the right pump with associated motor and drive parts. We supply these pump systems plug-and-play for any desired application: the complete package from plug to nozzle. A pump with the right system accessories such as spray lance, pressure regulator and overpressure protection. We ensure that the drive power and the components used are optimally matched to the ultimate working pressure. In addition, we provide customization in modification and control of existing pumps. You can also contact us for overhaul and delivery of parts for modified pumps.

Your pump suitable for any liquid

We supply parts in different material types. You can use this to modify your pump and make it suitable for pumping liquids other than water, such as acids and alkalis. For almost any liquid, there are parts made of resistant materials so that your pump is suitable for the most demanding applications.

The right motor for your pump

CAT Pumps can use a variety of power sources, electric motors, gas, diesel, petrol, hydraulics or pneumatics. In our tailor-made pump systems, we ensure that your drive has more than enough horsepower for the maximum required system flow and pressure.

Select drive

There are various options for driving your CAT Pump high-pressure pump. You can opt for belt drive with, for example, a belt pulley or coupling. It is also possible to opt for direct drive such as directly coupled, with gearbox or with hollow shaft. Which is the best choice for the drive in question depends on various factors such as use and environment. When composing your pump system, we choose the best drive based on your desired application.