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Preventive maintenance

Catpumps high pressure pumps are triplex, high pressure and liquid pumps that are known as reliable, continuously operating pumps with a long service life which run in thousands of applications around the world.

The best protection against unplanned downtime or system failure is good preventive periodic maintenance.
With periodic maintenance you prevent downtime and it ensures a reliable process, which benefits your operational reliability.
Prevention is therefore better than cure and with preventive periodic maintenance you can add another life to your CAT pump with 9 lives!

Item to check Daily Weekly 50 hours 1500 hours 3000 hours
Filters  x x      
Oil level & quality x x 1    
Water leakage  x x      
Oil leakage x        
Pipe system installation   x      
Drive system   x      
Accessories       x  
Seals       2  
Valves         3

If water leaks or loss of system performance occurs, this may be an indicator of wear on the seals.
The wear of the seals has many causes, including contaminated liquids or excessive temperature / dry running.
If the low pressure seals show wear, then the high pressure seals are likely in a similar state.
It is good practice to replace both low and high pressure seals and to inspect the plungers when leaks are present.

1: Pijttersen BV recommends the use of 7915.151 (1 liter) or 7915.155 (5 liter) oil, this oil is a specially formulated hydraulic oil and meets all Cat Pumps specifications. Change the first oil after the first 50 operating hours and then after every 500 hours. If other oil is used, it is advised to change the oil every 300 operating hours.

2:Every system operates under different circumstances.
Results achieved in the past and maintenance history are the best indicators of future performance.
If the system performance decreases or changes, it is advisable to check the seals and valves.
The maintenance interval of the seal sets strongly depend on the working conditions and vary between 1500 and 8000 hours.

3: Depending on the working conditions, the maintenance intervals for valve sets vary between 3,000 and 16,000 hours.

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